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Let us strengthen your business

Let us help you grow your business. We have a partnership mindset that allows you to focus on your core business, and let us manage gaining accounts/generating sales, while coordinating the logistics; you can track this full process.

Market Entry

Michigan Expansion Plan – We provide support to brands to grow and expand into the Michigan market. Areas of support include: sales & marketing, compliance & licensing, supplier connecting, and more.

Operational Support – From brand-building, to Customer Relationship Management, to managing media relations, event management, and deploying street teams, we have done it ALL.

Sales & Marketing:

  • Account Procurement – Secure B2B accounts between cultivators, dispensaries, processors and testers. Inclusive of coordinating matchmaking meetings and site tours with brands, operators, cultivators, provisioning centers, and packaging and fulfillment partners.
  • Sales Strategy & Execution – Develop strategies and manage campaigns to connect with consumers, build brands, and develop loyalty. Our sales managers are in the field working closely with retail partners: educating dispensaries about new products, promoting brands, sharing market data, conducting trainings and supporting the cannabis ecosystem.
  • Customer Relationship Management – Develop (and manage) customized programs that build brand loyalty, repeat business, and community-building best practices. Tactics can include: email/SMS marketing, targeted social media, VIP events, referrals, incentives, subscription “boxes”,and more.
  • Budtender Training – Train staff on high-quality customer services practices. Our training ranges from gaining full of knowledge about strains, cannabinoids, terpenes, industry trends, and all the wonderful ways to consume cannabis, to hospitality and body language training, to upselling and information gathering (loyalty programs).

Secure Transportation Management

  • Secure Transportation Management – CMS works with licensed secure transport providers, to receive optimal pricing and routes, and delivers quality-tested products to licensed dispensaries, on an agreed-upon, scheduled basis.
  • Software Integration – Streamlining processes and maximizing resources is key. We leverage the industry’s best software providers for our business partners.
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